Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My proposed budget cuts

Here's my proposed budget cuts. ALL of these apply to stateside bases/personel ONLY so if you are overseas, do NOT jump my ass thinking that I am referring you in this. I know how crazy expensive/hard it is over there. So no, these don't include you.

Stateside: Get rid of the commissaries. It's cheaper to shop off base most of the time anyways. And believe it or not, we do in fact make enough to do our grocery shopping off base.

Get rid of the BX. We don't need it. Plain and simple.

Start making dependents pay to use the gyms on base. Active duty should be free since they are required to maintain a certain level of fitness. But dependents should pay at least a small stipend to utilize that service.

Have us pay for a small portion of our health care. Too many people abuse the system and it's costing us all. Could you afford that 12th kid if you were a civilian? No? Then you probably shouldn't be having it.

Stop allowing CDC care to be used by stay at home moms. It should be for single parents and families where BOTH of the parents work. That's it. You shouldn't get full time child care for $80 a week because you child is an inconvenience in your life.

However, leave active duty and vets alone. Do not cut their tuition assistance, their medical, etc. They deserve the little bit that they get extra.

The budget cuts HAVE to come from somewhere. Do I think that military should be solely targeted? Hell no. But EVERYONE should have to give a bit.

Welfare should have much stricter limits. If you're already on welfare and you get knocked up again, you should lose your benefits. Since you obviously can't even afford the ones you already have.

 You should only be allowed to be on welfare for 2 years. MAXIMUM. I know entirely too many people that refuse to get jobs because welfare pays them so well.

Survivors benefits for SPOUSES only should be limited to 2 years. My own grandmother refused to remarry to the man that she was living with because she would lose her survivor benefits that she got after my grandfather died. It was bullshit. She knew I didn't like it, but it's also extremely common.

So there. Bitch, moan, complain, etc. But we all have to work together to get our country back on track. ALL OF US.