Thursday, September 22, 2011

RIP to Officer MacPhail

This rant was taken off a forum where people value their anonymity, so I'm not going to give the name of the person who wrote it. However, I will say it wasn't me. I just absolutely positively 100% agree with everything that this person said. I couldn't have said it any better myself.

lmao. i'm glad the justice system had the balls to go through with what they said they were going to do for once. GOOD.

first of all, no one but the 12 jurors, the lawyers, and the judges know what evidence was presented to make his case. everyone in the media and all of his little fan base can pretend that there wasn't enough evidence, but he was given a fair trial and ample appeals. you don't know the extent of the evidence, you weren't on the jury, and unless you were, you better find a better excuse than 'there wasn't enough evidence.' Rolling Eyes and if you're even ignorant enough to suggest racism, give me a fucking break. the head justice that heard his appeal was black, as was the head of the georgia parole board.

secondly, this man had his day in court. he had his lawyers (you are assigned a PLETHORA of them when your sentenced to death), you are given plenty of appeals, and the time most inmates spend on death row is lengthy. furthermore, his whole act of wanting to take a polygraph yesterday is bullshit. not only are polygraphs not admissible in court, but one can learn how to pass it. plus, why wait till the morning of the execution to take it to 'prove his innocence'?

i am all for the death penalty. in this day and age (read: IN THIS DAY AND AGE) it is rare that mistakes are made with the advanced tests that are done on DNA. the fact of the matter is that more people die waiting to be executed than ever actually are. in 2010, only 48 people were put to death. and how many people were brutally murdered? what about this police officer that was murdered off duty helping a homeless man? did he get a trial to prove his innocence? did he get people rallying to save his life? did he get a sedative an hour before he was put to death and then put to sleep by a cocktail of drugs? who cared about him and his family and his future? no one, because no one gave a FUCK.

and furthermore, where were all the 'death penalty abolitionists' in texas yesterday? because there was an execution there too. but i guess if they're executing a white man, there's not as much publicity to be had, and the race card can't be played, and we can't cry to cry to obama and to the NAACP, etc etc. PLEASE.

go ahead and crucify me. i'm not coming back to this bleeding heart thread.

RIP to officer macphail <3

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