Monday, January 02, 2012

Wow! What a year

2011 was definitely a crazy year for us. So many different things happened. Some good, some bad, all of them experiences for our family.
To start with, we moved to England from Florida. Huge difference! Not only have we had to adjust to the weather, but surprisingly, there has been some culture shock for us too. We figured it wouldn't be too bad moving over here, since we supposedly spoke the same language, but boy, were we wrong. The English don't speak English at all! =P They say arse and bollucks, the money is in pounds, quid, monkeys, etc. Then there's the change, which is pence, not cents. And OH! Don't you dare call someone born here British! That's just going to get you in a whole world of hurt, with a history lesson to go right along with it. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've been lectured about the proper way to make tea either.
The English are huge on history and tradition too. Everywhere you go, there's a story to go along with the town, the buildings, even the forests and open spaces.
The rain and grey are probably what gets me the most. I'm used to being outside in the sun, almost constantly. I love hiking, biking, gardening, etc. However, over here, I don't do much of it. I can't stand the cold, and won't go play outside when it's wet. So my entire lifestyle has had to change since we made the move here.
As much as I hate living over here, I do have to admit that I have met some amazing people. If they lived closer to me, then I don't think I'd hate it so much over here. But as it is, I often feel isolated. I'm hoping that hubby can get out of the military soon so that we can go back to the States and start our lives over.

I've done a lot of growing though since we've been here. Emotionally and mentally. I guess even socially. I know that there is nothing that I can't get through. I moved to a new continent where I know absolutely no one. I'm doing more for others than I've ever done before. I've stepped out of my comfort zone and become the person that I want to be. Funny how you grow and change once you remove all the other influences from your life.
I'm a lot pickier about my friends now too. I used to have a savior complex. I was always friends with the under dog, always rescuing people, always befriending the people who made horrible decisions, trying to fix the unfixable. Now, I pretty much decide right from the start whether or not I am going to become friends with someone. I'm pickier. I'm judgemental. I no longer settle. I don't want people in my life that are using drugs, especially if they have kids. I don't want people in my life that are full of drama and that always have major issues going on. I want people in my life that are working towards happiness. Those in solid relationships that don't think it's ok to cheat on their spouses. Those who respect marriage and all that it means. I want friends in my life that aren't going to bring me down, and I finally have that.
I'm learning to live, learning to dream, learning to look forward to a future. All things I never dared to do before. I was supposed to be dead by now according to the doctors, so I never dared to hope for more. Now, I'm sitting here planning a new life, starting over somewhere else sometime in the future. Not sure if it's going to be in six months or three years, but I'm planning and looking forward to things. To buying a house, getting a job, adopting another child, etc.
Anyways, this year has been a year of changes. Since I went on and on about the move, I'm not even  going to begin to start talking about everything else, or I'll bore you all to death. Just know that it's been hectic and crazy and lots of different things happening in our lives.
It's been great meeting the people that I have, and if it wasn't so damned cold and grey here, I might actually like it a little more. =D
It's been an experience. We tried it out. We gave it a shot. I'm grateful for the personal growth I've experienced since I've been here, so I guess it hasn't all been bad.
Now, if I could just find an etiquette school so that I can become a lady before we go back........ 

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