Monday, October 10, 2011


You know how I just posted about the ups and downs of no longer being anonymous on the internet? Well, another downfall hit us yesterday. When you talk to someone each day, you share their troubles, their struggles, their accomplishments and achievements, their lives tend to affect you. I don't think you realize just how much until you're sitting there in tears refreshing your computer and your phone every 30 seconds waiting for an update. Waiting to find out if someone you love, but have never met is going to pull through this time.

Droidbeats has become a very good friend this past year.  He's also  been battling cancer for awhile now. When I woke up yesterday, there was a post on his Twitter account saying that he had been taken in for emergency surgery. His wife was posting the update because Josh had asked her to make sure we knew what happened to him. Josh and his family had an extremely rough day yesterday. As the day continued, his wife, Bella, handed the phone over to Danny, so that we could continue to get updates. The fact that we were included shows us that Josh really did consider us family and close friends.
We were there waiting for him to come out of surgery. We were there when the doctors told Bella that she should use the next 24-48 hours to day goodbye. We were there, anxiously awaiting to see if he was able to see his children before he passed, and we were relieved and grateful that they made it to his bedside in time.
Danny and Bella updated us through it all. And when they finally had to say goodbye, we were able to say ours too. Bella even got online last night and talked to some of us. She thanked us for our support and she passed messages along from Josh.
Needless to say, I cried more tears over someone I've never met than I have for some of those I have known in "real life". Josh gave so much of himself to all of us. He was courageous, loving, kind, and giving right up until the very end. He gave many of us his last messages, although they were done so light heartedly, we didn't really realize we were saying goodbye right then and there.
Josh fought a good battle, and he showed us that even if you've got love and family around you, there's always room for more. We were treated like family not only by him, but by his real family too. Our thoughts and feelings were taken into consideration. I am so grateful to Bella and Danny for including us during such a difficult time.
Sometimes, online can be a pain in the ass. We all know it. I may miss being anonymous at times, but knowing that I made an impact on one life makes it all worth it.
So Josh, this is for you. You may not have gotten to take your #fckcancer tour like you wanted, but please know that you touched a heart all the way in Norfolk, England. And I'm sure you've touched so many others around the world.
We love you. We miss you. #fckCancer 

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