Thursday, November 10, 2011

Help me help our troops!

Alright guys, I'm putting out a different kind of call for help. We have a lot of guys stationed over here that don't have families around and that can't go on leave (take time off) for the holidays. In fact, most of our single airmen can't go home for the holidays due to undermanning and or finances. Which means that we are going to have a couple of hundred guys sitting in their dorms alone for Christmas day. That thought depresses me. The squadron does a lot for families around the holidays, but there's not a whole lot done for the airmen. Which sucks, cause they're the ones who need someone the most right now. 
So I've got an idea but I really really need help to pull this one off. 
Me and one other spouse are taking on the project of providing these guys a Christmas. We have no squadron funds to help us with this one, so we're needing help. Our idea is to decorate the dorms, and to provide stockings for all of our troops in our squadron. 
What I need from you is the following:
Stocking stuffers (toys, such as tops, slinkies, playing cards, etc, also candy)
Letters to stick in the stockings
Ornaments for the tree
Candy canes
Board games so that they have something to keep them busy during the day

Oriental trading and the dollar tree are perfect for things like this. Every single bit helps, so even if you can only send out one stocking, it will be appreciated. No donation is too small. 
For those who can't send anything but still want to help, you can also donate to our paypal account and I will use the funds to shop for our troops. 

They need us guys. These are guys serving our country in a foreign land. They will be invited to their supervisors homes for the holidays, but really, who wants to have Christmas dinner with your boss? We want to give them something to look forward to, something to wake up too. I'd love to do presents for all of them, but I know that's unrealistic. So my goal is to give them a kid like stocking, filled with fun things for them for the holidays. 

Please help guys. My heart is breaking for them, but I can only do so much on my own. Think of how you would feel if a family member or a loved one was going to be completely alone for the holidays. Think of how you would feel if you couldn't be with your family and friends. Let's try to make the holidays a little bit better for these guys.

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