Monday, December 03, 2012

Waiting and frustrated

I started today off on a good note, but unfortunately, it's gone to shit again. I'm trying to stay calm, but it's so frustrating.

I'm not doing well at all with the waiting on others routine. I feel like I've waited long enough. But obviously others don't feel that way. They see each task individually, whereas I see things as a whole.

As a whole, I have been waiting since September 6th to get everything done. As a whole, since that day, my son's life has been altered. My life has been altered.

On September 6th, my son was brutally assaulted.

On September 10th, my husband had to leave for a few weeks.

On September 11th, we had to deal with the disciplinary committee at the school and my son had to face his attacker. That was also the day that I first saw the video of the assault.

On September 24th, my son ran into his assailant unexpectedly on the base during his lunch period. He was so upset, I had to come and pick him up from school.

On September 25th, my son lost it at school and stormed out of the assistant principal's office when she told him that the assault had happened nearly a month ago and to get over it.

On September 27th, my son told me that he was suicidal. I rushed him to the emergency room for a psych eval.

On September 28th, they brought my husband home early so that he could be there for my son.

I then had to fight tooth and nail to get my son seen by a mental health professional. It wasn't until
October 17th that he was FINALLY seen by someone. Because they do NOT have the resources here for him.

On October 23rd, my son's psychologist started the process for us to leave the country.

I've had to wait for the Dr's since then. I've had to wait for them to rewrite our EFMP's.

 I had to wait for appointments to get the rest of the paperwork filled out by all of the other doctors. I've had to beg and plead with Dr's to complete ALL of the paperwork.

I finally got all of the doctors to finish signing last Thursday. That was November 29th. It took them over a month just to finish the clinical side of the paperwork.

I had ONE form left. ONE. It was a letter to the EFMP reassignment office from my husband. Of course, I had to draft it up. I got it to him on November 27th. Six days ago.

He needed it redrafted a bit and his section chief said that he would have it ready on the 28th. We went in on the 28th to pick it up and it wasn't ready. So we were told he would have it to us that evening.

Well, no one seems to know that they need a commander's signature for stuff. So then we find out on Thursday evening that it will not be ready because it needs to be routed up. Cause you know, in the military, you have to go up an entire chain of command for a single piece of paper to be signed.

Well, they messed up the paperwork, so after it had been routed part of the way on Friday, they tell us it has to be started all over again and we could pick it up on Monday.

Well, it's Monday. My husband called earlier and was told that he could come and pick it up. The paper needed two more signatures. Of course, once he gets there, he's told that the next person in the chain that has to sign the form is at an appointment that they weren't aware of.

Hubby came home and told me that it would be ready today. Their workday usually ends about 4pm. So when he hadn't been called to come and get it by that point, I called. I just explained how important this one form is for our family.

Within 5 minutes of my call, hubby got a call saying that he could come and pick up the form. It was finally signed.

But it's still a very long process. Once I can FINALLY turn that one form in, we have to wait on someone else to check and make sure that we have a completed package. Then and only then, can she get all of the forms ready for submission.

Then once they are ready, I have to pray that hubby gets time at work to upload them to the system. Once it's all finally uploaded, we have to wait another 6-8 weeks for an approval, and then yet another month after that to finally get out of here.

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