Friday, March 08, 2013


*Disclaimer* As of this moment, I am to no longer be referred to as a military spouse. I did not marry the military. I married my husband. I am a wife. I am a civilian. I am a blunt, rude, honest, ego maniacal asshole. I will no longer be involved in anything that deals with the military. I will not help with bake sales, Christmas parties, fundraisers. I will no longer be providing stockings for the airmen. I will not attend ANY military functions unless specifically asked to by my husband. I will not conform to any standard that the military thinks I should conform to. I will NOT give of my time, my energy, myself for the military. I am taking back my dignity, my potty mouth, my love for life. Since I am no longer a "military spouse" you will have to deal with me directly like the big girls in the real world do if you have an issue with me. Contacting my husband's command to tattle tell on me will no longer be a viable option, since they will not have any idea who I am anymore. Nor will you know who his command is. Because when I am asked from here on out what my husband does, my response will simply be "Me".

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  1. I LOVE - I mean LOVE!!! - this. It's something I've always said, because my life does not revolve around hubby or the military. I have my own life, totally separate from his JOB. And that's all it is: hubby's job. Something he does from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The life he loves and lives is outside the military too.

    I've always thought it was bullshit to make the military member responsible for their spouse's behavior. We're adults. Deal with US.