Friday, March 08, 2013

Little Rock, Meet Bird

Well, we finally arrived.

The trip wasn't to bad at all. The jet lag combined with us all being sick has been a bit more difficult to adjust to than we were expecting, but meh, fuck it.

I'm in hillbilly hell. But that's ok. Cause see, there's something these people will soon realize about me. I can spread my awesome sauce a hell of a lot further than they can spread manure. So I'm golden.

I'm staying true to myself. Of course, that means being a bit bitchy to start with. It's just a matter of making sure people know that this time, I am NOT going to be walked all over. I will not enable anyone this time around. I'm not helping anyone that isn't willing to help themselves.

I realized while talking to K today that I don't NEED friends. Yes, it's nice to have some locally, but I have plenty. So I am making choices about who I do and do not allow in my life. First sign of the bullshit drama that I was dealing with before and they are gone. I'm not doing it again.

So anyways, lots of changes here. I can shop in stores for just about anything that I want, but I still catch myself automatically going to Amazon. It's just so much more convenient than going and LOOKING for stuff.

I'm definitely enjoying the food. Can't beat that!

Already planned a trip to St Louis this spring, Florida this summer, and Vegas later in the summer. I'm excited about seeing loved ones.

So anyways, we have a car, have a house, I've met some cool people and I haven't killed anyone yet. That wraps it up for today. =D

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  1. I can here your voice when I read this! Stay true to you, much love xx