Saturday, May 25, 2013

If being gay were a choice, all women would be lesbians......

Today, a very dear friend posted this status on Facebook:
Just had a very nice knock on the front door. Didn't know the lady but she introduced herself and said she's thought about stopping for a while. Leeh thanked us for flying our Rainbow Flag in the small little country town of Austin/Ward that we live in. Leeh has a gay son and it just makes her day to see acceptance. I'll take the positive reinforcement any day over the very very very few that have hollered slurs when they drive by. She put a smile on my face today.

Love is Love.
Love to all.
 — with Wayne Tedford.

It is with his permission that I included it here. (What the hell is wrong with the font now that I've copied and pasted his status? So weird)

Anyways, his status got me thinking about all of the members of the LGBT community that struggle for acceptance. Yes, I know I've written about this topic before. But it breaks my heart and I want to touch on it again. 

As a bi-sexual female in a straight marriage, I deal with enough of the judgements. I've lost friends because of it. People who have known me for years suddenly start acting differently around me once they find out I'm attracted to females. It's rough. I'd had friends that suddenly think it's creepy to change in the same room with me, or ones that take every single joking comment and twist it into me hitting on them. 

I've had family members tell me that I'm going to hell for my choices. I had one family member even try to pray the gay out of me. 

It doesn't work that way guys. First of all, you can't pray away the gay. It's not a choice. It's also not a sin, or something to be ashamed of. 

Second of all, as a straight person, do you find every other straight person attractive? No. Obviously not. So what in the hell makes you think that I will find you attractive? Trust me, I probably don't. I have taste. I am picky about the women that I find sexy. When I did date females, I dated some seriously hot ones with amazing personalities. I do not want you like that. I just want to remain friends. Actually, no. I don't. If you have a problem or an issue with gays, I want nothing to do with you. Basically, because you suck. And I don't like sucky people. 

I am a fairy flirt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gay community. After living a life where they have been judged, humiliated, bullied, harassed, etc, most people in the gay community are accepting, understanding, loving people. People who try to never ever judge someone based on what others may consider a character flaw. They are open, honest, and quite simply, amazing. 

Darren reminded me today that being true to ourselves really can make a difference in someone's lives. Even if we don't know them. Being ourselves can show others support even when we're too blind to see the differences that we are making. 

So no matter who you are, or what you stand for, STAND UP for it. Hold your head high. Be proud of who you are. Don't be afraid to be a voice. There is always someone listening. That teenage kid ready to kill himself because he feels dirty or wrong for his thoughts and desires.... That mixed couple down the street that are still being judged in this day and age..... The single mother struggling to raise her kids right.... 

Everyone needs someone to lean on, to support them, to show encouragement and strength when they are just too weak to take on the world by themselves. 

Don't ever be ashamed of who you are or what you believe in. And always, always, stand up for someone if you see them being bullied or harassed. You never know... that one time could be the time that either makes or breaks them. You have a voice. Use it. Not to harm but to help. 

Darren, thank you for reminding me how something as simple as a flag can make such a massive difference in one person's life. 

Hugs love and glittery kisses,


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