Tuesday, July 05, 2011

An Eye for an Eye

So, what is so wrong with wanting an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?  Honestly, I think our country would be a lot better off  if we adopted this policy.  If some guy rapes a little six year old girl, then shove a horses penis into his rear end unexpectedly  and see if he rapes again.  I'm sure that's how brutal it felt to that little girl.  If someone murders someone, and they get the death penalty, let's not give them a bunch of appeals and then tell them when they are going to die.  Put them in prison and kill them the same way they killed. Unexpectedly, and just as violently.  If someone burglarizes someone, then burglarize someone that they love.  Believe it or not, criminals might start thinking about the consequences of their actions.  I'm so sick of felons having more privileges than our military members do.  I'm sick and tired of honest citizens paying out their hard earned money to support these people.  I mean seriously, the saying is, "Do unto others as you wish to have done unto you"... well.. what are we waiting for?  People get away with too much. California seems to be the strictest, but they still get three felonies before they get life.  My  biological mother has over sixty convictions. Not kidding you, and Colorado still has her walking around a free woman. They even paid for her to go to college.  Oh, and she automatically gets food stamps because she went to prison.  What kind of bullshit  is that? She doesn't even qualify income wise. I'm so sick of this.   Start treating them the way that they treat others. That's how you begin to make changes in this country. Forget prisoners rights.   They should have  lost those when they committed their  crime.

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