Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A woman's place is in the kitchen

Oh kiss my white ass, you know I’m right. Women are meant to take care of the family. We are supposed to nurture our children. Hell, even our men need babied sometimes. I personally feel that a woman should take care of the cooking and the cleaning. A man should not have to work all day and then come home to a filthy house and take out. Yes, it’s ok to order out on occasion, but take out more than home cooked? Hell no. A man should not have to take on your chores too. Now, I can fully understand a man helping out around the house. There is a big difference. You should be able to maintain a level of cleanliness without him. However, there are times when shit just gets overwhelming. At that point, he needs to get off of his ass and help out a little. But to those women who are stay at home moms that don’t do shit, all I have to say is “Thanks”. You have given the rest of us a bad name. I can’t believe the number of women on this base that are SAHM that don’t do a damned thing. One woman even sends her kid to day care full day (at her husbands expense) so that she can have alone time. She doesn’t work. At all. She also doesn’t take care of her kid, clean, or cook. All clothes are sent out to the dry cleaners because she refuses to do laundry either. It irritates me  that she does this. Her husband has to work two jobs to support this. She claims that she takes care of dinner every night. Well, if picking up the phone and ordering pizza counts, then I guess she does. And people that  don’t take care of their  kids… That pisses me off too. You had the kids. Grandparents are not built in babysitters. There is a such thing as taking advantage. Now, if you actually take care of your kids on a regular basis, and your parents are willing to help you out, that’s one thing. But if you are pawning your kids off on everyone else, and you’re not taking up your place in the kitchen either, well then, you have serious issues. So, to all of you horrible wives out there giving the rest of us a bad name, kick off your high heels, tie an apron around your waist, and go cook your man some dinner. Dammit.

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  1. I'm a feminist, but agree with this. I bet that doesn't make sense, so to explain: I feel that we should have a choice.

    So if a woman stays home, then it should be to take care of the family and home.

    Then again, I'm also in a rather strange kind of relationship and it's part of the things that are expected of me. ;)